Oil on Linen
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1.5m high x 2.3m wide

This seven-panel artwork, titled Hashtag (including Plan B where I can be invisible), represents the contemporary artist’s engagement with and reliance on social media. There are two versions of the centre bottom panel: One includes a small female figure under the horse’s belly, representing the plight of the artist, for whom painting is a big enough challenge. The further requirement to address promotions, particularly on social media, feels overwhelming. (Hence, the title of this panel is Social Massive). The second panel is Plan B where I can be invisible, so if desired, the artwork can be presented without the quirky figure. This artwork is somewhat unique as it may be mounted in a variety of configurations. Hashtag is presented together as a six panel polyptych, but the panels may be displayed independently, in couplets or other groupings (each with their own name); even in different walls in the same room or separate buildings. We change, why can't art?